Build Databases As Spreadsheets :
No-Coding Required

NocoDB allows building no-code database solutions with ease of spreadsheets.
Bring your own database or choose ours! Millions of rows? Not a problem.
Your Data. Your rules. You are in control.

Databases as Spreadsheets :
 No-Coding Required

Bring your own database or choose ours! Millions of rows ? Not a problem.

Table - Grid view

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How It Works ? A Quick Overview

NocoDB provides an intuitive spreadsheet interface for creating online databases, either from scratch or by connecting to any Postgres/MySQL.
Access your data through interactive UIs like Kanban, Form, and Gallery, or via API and SQL.

Product map

Versatile views for your data

Adapt your data to a view that suits you. We recognise not everyone is a tech guru so we provide a pre-crafted views for your data.

Grid View

A Versatile Tool for Effortless Data Organization, Sorting, and Filtering

Project>data>grid view

Kanban View

Visualise, Organise, and Streamline Your Workflows with Ease

Project>data>kanban view

Gallery View

Transform Your Data into Engaging Visual Stories and Presentations

Project>data>gallery view

Form View

Simplify Data Entry and Updates, Making Information Management a Breeze

Project>data>form view

Endless Usecases

NocoDB caters to every department in an organization. Its versatility addresses a multitude of use cases seamlessly.


Centralise customer interactions to enhance relationships

CRM Project

Project Management

Streamline task coordination to ensure timely completion

Project-management-nocodb project


Efficient operations management for seamlessly running businesses.

Operations Project

Inventory Management

Simplify Data Entry and Updates, Making Information Management a Breeze

Inventory Management Project

Why NocoDB ?

A new no-code paradigm that offers you data sovereignty, unprecedented scale, and exceptional value as a customer.

NocoDB Is Redefining Data Ownership For Customers

Using no-code solutions shouldn't mean you have no direct access to the data and have artificial glass ceilings imposed on your data capabilities.

NocoDB Values Customers of all Sizes

With strong open source ethos - NocoDB caters to businesses of all sizes & shapes . Be it Agencies, Startups, Small Medium Businesses and Enterprises.

NocoDB Scales Millions of Rows - No Need to "Talk to Sales"

While other platforms limit high-volume no-code databases to enterprise plans, many NocoDB customers are already dealing in millions of rows with ease without ever talking to a sales person.

NocoDB Provides High API Throughput

Streamline and automate with confidence; NocoDB has your back. Rely on robust infrastructure to drive your operations smoothly and efficiently.

NocoDB is A Community Driven Open Source Product

Dive into a world of community-driven innovation with NocoDB. Experience the power of collective intelligence as enthusiasts and experts come together to shape the no-code.

NocoDB Is The New No-Code Paradigm

Embrace a new paradigm in no-code that helps businesses to solve all their no-code needs while owning all of their data. NocoDB scales with  Organisation's needs of all sizes!

Open Source Advantage

Join a community driven solution that has millions of downloads and used by thousands of organisations.

Features Overview

Dive deep into our platform to uncover its powerful capabilities.

Data Integration and Connectivity


Schema Management

Table Operations

Integrations and Automations

Quick Actions

Connect External DataBases

Integrate external databases in minimal steps.

Import Data

Simplify data Import from Airtable, CSV, Excel, and more.

Invite Team

Collaborate on data with your team by your side.

Share Project

Collaborate on projects, share Insights, and improve your productivity.

Multi Fields Edit

Manage all your fields from a single page.

ERD Diagram

Easily Visualise Database Schema with ERD View

Filter Records

Easily filter and extract insights from your records.

Sort Records

Sort and arrange your data for clarity.

Group Records

Efficiently group and categorise information


Harness the power of APIs for seamless integration


Leverage webhooks to build custom automations and workflows.

Cmd + J

Instantly refer documentation and resources with Cmd + L.

Cmd + K

Jump to anywhere in your workspace with Quick Navigation.

Cmd + L

Go to recent projects and boost your productivity.

Craft Your Database With Ease

Use our multi-field edit fields functionality to craft tables in one go.

Fields Manager for Table Subscriptions

Anytime, Anywhere

Effortlessly view and edit your data anytime, anywhere, from your smartphone with our responsive view

Mobile View of an expanded record

Scale to Millions of Rows!

Simply use our hosted database or bring your own Posgres/MySQL.

A nocoDB project with more than 3 million records

Easy Schema Visualisation & Control

Gain Deep Insight into Your Database Structure with Our ERD View

ERD View of an Aircraft, Airports Database

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